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800 Landscaping has been offering quality artificial grass installation in Dubai for some time now. In a hot country like UAE, artificial turfs are the best options to give your backyard an appealing look with no hassle of irrigation. We have a team of skilled professionals who dedicate themselves to enhancing your property’s look based on your preferences. We look forward to providing extensive and top-notch synthetic grass products to our clients.

Our Artificial Grass Services

As #1 Landscape Contractors in Dubai, 800 Landscaping is here to help you with waterproof and durable artificial grasses requiring no extra maintenance. Our high-end grass products can make your space look refreshed with its natural green look, saving costs on gardening. Our experts use modern tools and equipment to customize the grass according to the size of your space and deliver your balcony and terrace a beautiful appearance. We also deliver cost-effective cleaning and maintenance services to keep the freshness and beauty of the greases intact.

Indoor, Balcony, Terrace and Lawn Artificial Grass Installation

Swimming Pool Grass Installation

Artificial Grass Carpet and Fake Grass Installation

Artificial Sports Turf Installation and Maintenance

Artificial Grass Maintenance and Cleaning

Perks of availing the best landscaping services in Dubai

We do all types of projects in both: commercial and residential properties, installing the best quality artificial grass and turf anywhere- indoors, balcony, terrace, lawn, and even your football ground.

We use weatherproof and durable synthetic-based artificial grass to add beauty to your space, just like natural grass. Our artificial turf eliminates the hassle of spending water on irrigation too.

We are a trusted name delivering customer-oriented artificial grass services in Dubai. We thrive to cater to our client’s needs for fake grass carpets and artificial grass installation with easy and cost-effective cleaning and maintenance services.

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#1 Artificial Grass Supplier in Dubai to deliver the best Artificial Grass Installation Service


We have experts who can guide you with fresh ideas to design a garden landscape. You can discuss with us and get top-quality artificial grass, grass carpet, and artificial turfs installed in your balcony, indoor space, swimming pool, and backyard, respectively.


Top Quality Artificial Grass from Reliable Landscaping Services Providers in Dubai


Our artificial grasses and turfs have a soft and appealing texture, making them look much like natural grass. It is engineered to bear the extreme weather conditions and offer you a pleasant look all-round the calendar.


Avail of the best garden maintenance services in Dubai


Apart from installation, we also perform grass maintenance and artificial turf cleaning services in Dubai and UAE. We can help fix your lawn by replacing the damaged turfs and putting a new one, of the same color and texture, in its place.


Cost-effective Artificial Grass Installation in Dubai and restoration services in Dubai


With 800 Landscaping, you can now have artificial grass of any considerable length installed in your space. The total cost of seeking our services depends entirely on the quality of grass you are choosing and the surface area of the coverage area.

You can also get your place decked up with the best quality artificial grass and turfs from the best artificial grass supplier in Dubai. You can call us at 800 737 4652 or write to us directly to obtain a competitive price quote for your artificial grass installation. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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