800 Landscaping – A Leading Residential Landscaping Company in Dubai
800 Landscaping – A Leading Residential Landscaping Company in Dubai

800 Landscaping – A Leading Residential Landscaping Company in Dubai

The real beauty of a home lies in its surroundings – a lush green lawn, a perfectly maintained fence, and a swimming pool to spend quality time. All these can add that much-needed value to your property while also enhancing the aesthetics. To get that perfect look for your home 800 Landscaping is your one-stop shop.

800 Landscaping, a leading Dubai-based landscaping company delivers quality services in landscaping, hardscaping, artificial grass, swimming pool, pergola construction, maintenance, cladding, and fencing. They hold a team of licensed experts to deliver the best in industry services.

The interior of the house reflects the people who reside in it similarly the exterior spells out the same. Now you might be wondering – why choose 800 Landscaping? Let us show you.

Convenience At Your Doorstep

Visualising a design for lawn is easier said than executing. Implementing, it is even more difficult. It is a time-consuming task with a lot of trips to the store and needs constant supervision. 800 Landscaping can eliminate all such hassles and deliver the perfect lawn for you without any trouble.


A perfect lawn consists of many elements. It boasts luscious green grass, serene walkways, and fences to maintain your privacy. Getting this dream-like lawn will be a reality for you as 800 Landscaping delivers one of the best-in-market services.

The Best Quality

Find the whole package from design to installation and maintenance while we deliver top-notch services to your doorstep. The residential landscape contractors in Dubai are dedicated to catering to your needs with their team of capable professionals. Also, the raw materials procured are the highest in quality so your lawn will be in that perfect shape for a long time.

Build Your Assets

A good lawn not only helps in making your property stand out, it also gives you an upper edge in the real estate market. This can turn out to be the perfect investment for you. And when you’re working with the best, you don’t have to worry about any other thing! 800 Landscaping delivers the perfect finished product for you to enjoy, relax and get your asset value up.

Experience and Expertise

At 800 Landscaping, the team of professionals is one of the best in the industry. Having delivered 100+ successful projects across Dubai, your house is in safe hands.

Care Towards Mother Nature

Having a lawn that will support the local ecosystem too? Well, it’s no longer a distant dream! Professionals working with us have a thorough understanding of plants and their suitability on the land. So, keep your evening walks reserved for the company of plants.

Sustainable Solutions

Water as a resource is already scarce. And to maintain a lawn can get a bit tricky. But when you’re with us, there is no worry about that! With our hardscaping services, water waste can be reduced significantly.

Numerous Choices

800 Landscaping provides you with choices based on the number of services we offer. It includes interlock and paving services, concrete and wooden seating, artificial glass, ACP and PVC cladding, pergola and wooden works, bar and barbeque counter, WPC flooring and wooden flooring and of course a grand swimming pool. The services delivered by us are one of the best in the market and come with a guarantee of hassle-free implementation. So just sign up and come back to your beautiful lawn.

800 Landscaping is the perfect one-stop shop for all your lawn needs. Equipped with our team of professionals we are eager to deliver you the lawn of your dreams.