Top 10 FAQs on Landscaping in Dubai
Top 10 FAQs on Landscaping in Dubai

Top 10 FAQs on Landscaping in Dubai

The universal truth is landscape layout can seem overwhelming to most. It affects not only all the fortes that interior design does, but then it tosses the giant natural world curveball, as you have to think around complex scenarios like weather, soil, drainage, sun vs. shade, plant varieties, circulation, wind, and climate over time (not to mention immaterial things like color, texture, fragrance). It’s a freaking lot. And when you are residing in that part of the country that ideally witnesses temperature on an average in summers above 38 degrees.

So, here are the most typical ten questions we at 800 Landscaping get regarding the landscape designing in general:

1. What is landscape construction?

Garden landscape construction is not just constructing some individual designs. It is often a tricky process of shaping your living area. It requires harmonizing a team of specialists with skills, qualifications, and experiences such as groundwork, joinery, masonry, bricklaying, paving, tiling, gardening, etc. A complex project management process strives to gain the final effects planned at the design stage, from management, and logistics, to installation works.

800 Landscaping’s purpose is not only to furnish the assistance you have ordered from us impeccably but also to endeavor and enhance your living space and adjust the area around your home to your needs and lifestyle.

2. Do I need a landscape design?

Question yourself. Am I prepared to delegate my hard-earned money to somebody without any plan or particular vision of how it will be consumed? Even the most precise design will allow your requirements to be better defined, the work to be designed effectively, and dismay to be avoided. It is crucial if you plan to invest a more significant sum of money in your garden and want it to be utilized sensibly. Even if you do not have enough aid to fulfill your garden landscaping goals, it is still more reasonable to have a master plan and break it into phases. This will assure a uniform and satisfactory outcome, even if you must employ additional contractors throughout the project.

3. What style should my garden be?

The term style eludes people because it’s different for different people, and classifications are loosely defined. A successful home garden feels like an elongation of your house visually and in terms of functionality. So likewise, the style of your backyard or garden should feel like an extension of your home, stylistically and architecturally. So, if you have specific materials, patterns, colors, or furniture that you are using in your house, try bringing that same sensibility outside to make the connection to your landscape feel seamless.

4. What’s the best period of the year for landscape building?

Landscaping takes part in cycles throughout the year. Typically, winter is the most suitable time for preparing and planting flower beds and beginning hardscaping assignments. Most large landscaping and hardscaping projects are done in the summer construction season.

One example is a past project that began in late summer. All the hardscaping work, including the patio, sittings, walls, and fireplace, was built, and trees and shrubs were planted. Then the following winter is when we got the perennial and annual plants in the ground, as they thrive further. Start contacting landscaping companies before the winter months to ensure your project gets done in the desired time frame. It’s much better to get on their schedule before winter and start on the project, or the crew may be booked out to the end of the season.

5. How long will it take for my landscape to grow, and how much maintenance will it entail?

Many variables can significantly affect how long it takes for your landscaping to grow and the maintenance it will require in the future. Fast-growing shrubs such as the viburnum will grow and fill in an area, while boxwood will take longer to mature. Ornamental grasses require more yearly maintenance than dwarf weigela. A good designer can customize your landscape plan to account for these factors and your desires – it is a central tenet of our design philosophy.

6. How do I comprehend what surface to utilize in my garden?

Choosing an exterior material is a significant decision because it defines the overall look, feels, and budget. The final question is: do you want a rigid or soft surface? If you require drainage on your area and lean towards the undersized traditional, more organic look, gravel or deteriorated granite might be considered. However, if you want a more challenging and durable surface, hardwood like Ipe, raw stone like limestone, or concrete pavers may be your most suitable bet. Natural stone is the most enduring and, of course, the most expensive material.

7. Do I need to incorporate lighting into my landscape strategy?

The quick answer is no. But lighting is crucial for elements like stairs at night to safely guide people down a path and into the house. It’s also lovely if lighting fits minimally, to say, uplight a large tree in a yard or along a perimeter to be able to draw your vision into space at nighttime from inside.

8. What services do you provide?

We at 800 Landscaping furnish a range of complex services starting from conceptual design to landscape construction, including:

  • Artificial Grass Suppliers & Artificial Grass

    • Indoor, Balcony, Terrace, and Lawn Artificial Grass Installation
    • Swimming Pool Grass Installation
    • Synthetic Grass Carpet and Fake Grass Installation
    • Artificial Sports Turf Installation and Maintenance
    • Artificial Grass Maintenance and Cleaning
  • Bar and Barbeque Counter

  • Bar and Barbeque Counter Designing
  • Barbeque Pits and Serving Counter Construction
  • Bar and Counter Installation
  • Bar and Barbeque Counter Maintenance
  • Counter-top Renovation
  • Swimming Pool Services

  • Swimming Pool Design
  • Swimming Pool Cleaning
  • Swimming Pool Construction
  • Swimming Pool Maintenance
  • Swimming Pool Landscaping
  • Wood And WPC Cladding And Fencing Services

  • Wooden Cladding
  • Wood Plastic Composite Cladding
  • Wooden and WPC Cladding Restoration
  • Fence Installation
  • Cladding Maintenance and Renovation
  • Pergola And Wooden Works

  • Villa and House Pergolas with Wooden Works
  • Front-yard & Backyard and Swimming Pool Pergola
  • Wooden Works for Pergola
  • Pergola Designing with Wooden Works Planning
  • Pergola Installations, Renovations, and Maintenance
  • Wall And Floor Tiles

  • Kitchen and Bathroom Floor Tiles
  • Porcelain and Ceramic Tiles Fixing
  • Garden Patios & Walkway Tiles
  • Balcony & Wall Tiles
  • Commercial storefronts and Showroom Works
  • Sandstones, Marble & Granite Installation

    9. How will landscaping affect my neighbors?

    We aim to minimize any distribution caused by the work carried out and communicate with your neighbors when appropriate. Our team will keep the site safe and tidy throughout the project.

    10. How much will all this cost?

    Budgeting for all of this is everyone’s favorite part of any landscape design project because usually, no one has ANY idea of what things cost. When they find out, it’s generally between 3-5x what they thought. If you are starting from scratch and doing a renovation, put aside a healthy budget for your landscape initially, and develop your landscape design with your home. A checklist is helpful, and some expected landscape design costs include clearing, soil prep, grading, drainage edging, paving, fencing, irrigation, lighting, planting, and decking (not including design). It sounds like a lot, but if you think about it, the value a beautiful landscape adds to both terms of value to your home and your quality of life is priceless.

Just do it.

At 800 Landscaping, we guarantee the highest quality landscaping services across Dubai and the UAE. We have an all-in-one solution for all your needs and provide everything right from design to installation and maintenance. Our landscape contractors dedicate themselves to serving our client’s needs while decorating their garden and backyard floors. We emphasize delivering top-notch solutions to prolong the flooring, giving your backyard a fantastic look with several other unique qualities.

Have more questions? You can visit our website at or reach out to us at +800-737-4652, or you can drop a note at: [email protected], and one of our representatives will reach out to you.