A One-Stop Solution for all your backyard requirements with 800 Landscaping

A One-Stop Solution for all your backyard requirements with 800 Landscaping

Are you thinking of Landscaping your backyard?

Good landscaping ideas are essential for taking a backyard from drab to fab. Subsequently, even the most beautifully planted plot needs a proper arrangement to have the wow factor. Whether you are curious about completely redesigning your landscape or simply making a few changes, some crucial elements need to be considered before planning your backyard’s basic requirements. As many people head straight to their local gardening supply store to browse the selections, designing a plan beforehand will help you pick aesthetics that best fit your needs and flourish in your backyard landscape.

While it’s easy to go out and be enticed into buying varieties that look stunning at the garden shop, only to bring them home and learn they are unsuitable for your landscape. Proper planning and steering you on the right track to creating a beautiful, cohesive, and thriving landscape are what you feel. Thus, to make it right and get what you need for your backyard to look superb and splendors, here is a one-stop solution for those who are exploring this area and want to make your landscape garden and backyard look fantastic.

Are you looking for a professional landscaping company in Dubai that mainly focuses on customer needs?

Is it a villa landscape or garden landscaping? When you work with one of the professionals, you will get quality service and satisfaction.

Best-in-class Landscaping services in Dubai

Introducing a best-in-class solution for all your landscaping needs – 800 Landscaping services in Dubai and UAE. Envisioning a hot country like UAE, a soothing backyard with walls and screens for dividing zones stretches of water as relaxing focal points, steppingstone pathways, floating benches, and other stunning design features.

With 800 Landscaping, there are all kinds of materials you can choose from, too – Wood and WPC Cladding or natural stone, for example – all of which will influence the overall look and mood of the area. And it’s not all regarding the visuals. You’ll find that the best landscaping concepts don’t just enhance the aesthetic appeal of your property but will support you make the most of it, too.

800 Landscaping has all-in-one solutions like a simple DIY job to more significant, call-in-a-builder projects; we have ideas for all styles and budgets. And if you’re on the watch for even more additional ways to transform your space, you’ll find plenty of choices in our garden design ideas feature.

Highly Professional Landscaping Services in Dubai

By offering quality artificial grass installation services, a top-notch bar and barbeque counter setup, and Wood and WPC Cladding and Fencing services in Dubai for some time now. We have gained our forte as a leading professional pergola installation and maintenance service provider in Dubai. Further, helping you enhance your backyard space with our best quality pergolas and wooden works. At 800 Landscaping, we have skilled professionals and designers readily available to add value to your villa with eye-catchy yet strong outdoor wooden work pergolas. Consulting with 800 Landscaping customer care executives, you can customize your pergola according to the open space and your preference of material- wood, aluminum, glass metal, and many more.

Looking for a Swimming Pool Construction and Maintenance Service Providers?

We have stunning Swimming Pool Designs and Installations in Dubai.

Ever thought of bringing pool ideas into your backyard? Whether you like to host the most pleasing parties in town or get in some more exercise, they’re a lovely addition to a patio when the climate warms with their artistic landscaping view. Swimming Pool Designs may vary like a rounded shape, square shapes, the traditional kidney bean, or a natural pool if you’re not too inclined toward chemicals (plus, they look gorgeous all year round). In contemporary landscaping surroundings, you are tying in neatly with the lawn-clipped hedges and sleek exterior of the home.

The Best landscaping company in Dubai, the 800 Landscaping team always aims at creating the perfect aesthetic which suits you and your space personality.

Assembling most of your outdoor space is easy if you have a cover installed, whether a Pergola, garden building, or simply a roof built directly onto the side of your home. We at 800 Landscaping does this for you. So, if you wish to include a patio or deck in your landscaping scheme, it’s well worth considering a shelter overhead. Opt for a transparent roof to keep the scene bright and light if you’re not precisely after shade. Plus, you can look up and admire the blue sky, pattering rain, or the nighttime stars. And if it’s sturdy, you can utilize overhead beams when it comes to your furniture.

The #1 Pergola Design & Pergola Suppliers in Dubai

We plan, build, and maintain pergolas.

With a bit of imagination and originality (and, admittedly, a bit of a budget), they can become an enduring fixture in your backyard that will elevate the overall look and extend the time you spend outdoors all year round. We love how the sleek hardwood canopy articulates the view of the flower-filled space beyond, with the timber pleasingly contrasting against the paving and gravel. Benches offer abundant sitting space, while integrated lights will brighten the nightfall zone. It’s a beautiful twist on a classic pergola. Our 800 Landscaping professionals comprehend the prerequisite of the household, plan and design a befitting landscape with stunning pergolas and wooden works. We also add components like trees and shrubs, garden lights, and water fountains to make your place look more beautiful.

At 800 Landscaping, we guarantee the highest quality landscaping services in the market across Dubai and the UAE. All-in-one solution for all your needs and providing everything right from design to installation and maintenance. Our landscape contractors dedicate themselves to serving our client’s needs while decorating their garden and backyard floors. We emphasize delivering top-notch solutions to prolong the flooring, giving your backyard a fantastic look with several other unique qualities.

#1 Professional Landscaping Company in Dubai and across UAE.

If you’re planning to deck up your place, it is high time you connect with the specialists at 800 Landscaping. Drop a line and wait till our 800 Landscaping customers support team assists with our outstanding affordable installation services in Dubai. Bing is a Dubai-based firm and always looking forward to furnishing you with good landscaping, hardscaping, artificial grass, cladding and fencing, swimming pool, pergola construction, and maintenance services in Dubai across UAE.

We are a team of professionals and licensed specialists harbouring years of experience in landscaping services to get you the best artificial grass installation, hardscaping, cladding & fencing, and swimming pool services for your residential or commercial project. Since our gatherings take place in your home or office, we’ll work with you to help envision a design solution that aligns with your taste, space, and budget; also, our team will guide you.

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Check out 800 Landscaping now or reach out to us at +800-737-4652, or you can drop a note at: [email protected], and one of our representatives will reach out to you.