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Artificial Grass: 5 Reasons Why You Must Use it

Keeping up a lush lawn can be challenging if you’ve ever tried cultivating natural grass in a challenging environment or on unforgiving terrain like in Dubai. However, an artificial grass product is ideal for almost every situation, whether you’re dealing with drought conditions, muddy areas, steep hills, or difficult-to-grow terrain. With 800 Landscapes, artificial grass products are practically immune to the weather in Dubai. The cherry on top? All seasons will be beautiful for your yard.

The top 5 reasons why anyone, in any location, in any climate, should choose artificial grass are as follows:

  1. Appearance:

Artificial turf is not only aesthetically pleasing but also low maintenance, resilient, and sustainable. After all, many golf courses are discovering that artificial turf is a practical and attractive option for their greens. A high-quality artificial turf product should have a year-round appearance of soft, luxuriant natural grass. You have a flawlessly maintained, year-round immaculate lawn that is lush and green.

That implies:

  1. No need to add grass seed to your lawn.
  2. You can exchange your edger and lawnmower for cash.
  3. Weeds are no longer a problem.
  4. Just picture the aesthetic and practical benefits of having a lush lawn always!
  5. Last but not least, if a section of your fake grass becomes damaged, changing it may be as simple as removing the damaged area and replacing it with a new one.


  1. Sustainability:

Synthetic grass products consume less natural resources than real grass since they employ recycled and sustainable materials. Water can be saved using artificial grass surfaces instead of frequently harmful pesticides and fertilizers. Your costs for upkeep and lawn equipment will also go down. Natural grass will wither and die over time even if you put in the effort necessary to get your grass seed to germinate at a rate of 90%.

On the other hand, artificial grass is more resilient and has a longer lifespan. Landscaping companies in Dubai, like 800 Landscapes, provide artificial grass and turf that is durable and won’t flatten, whether children are playing on it, pets are using it, or outdoor furniture is positioned on it. An artificial lawn that is used highly frequently typically lasts 10 years. Therefore, the artificial grass you put at your house will endure much longer.

  1. Easy to Maintain

Choosing the best low-maintenance natural grass alternative for your garden is nearly impossible. So much for your weekend due to the continuous watering, weeding, fertilizing, mowing, and patching of natural grass. However, artificial turf offers a water-free, low-maintenance alternative without compromising natural grass’s appeal, usefulness, or appearance. Pesticides are utilized to get rid of any pest that wants to consume, nest, or otherwise harm your lawn. And fertilizer is used to aid in the development of grass. Your artificial lawn, however, is already flawless, so you won’t need to use any of those damaging and costly chemicals any longer. In addition, bugs and other animals won’t be drawn to it because there are:

  • Unable to eat
  • No place to bury or dig
  • Not the best location for laying eggs

When you add it all up, you’ll have a gorgeous lawn that doesn’t require fertilizer or pesticides.

  1. Durability

Natural grass may become worn or have bare spots due to weather or heavy foot activity, while artificial turf will not. Artificial turf is made to withstand heavily used regions that experience regular abuse. Any reliable synthetic turf product will also be non-toxic and suitable for use around children and pets to reduce the carbon impact on your family.

The advantages of artificial turf for saving money have already been mentioned. However, those advantages extend beyond your checkbook. They support Mother Earth as well. Think about it: do you spend many hours each week mowing the grass and maintaining your sprinklers? They’re not exactly making significant efforts to lessen your environmental impact.

  1. It’s morally right to do it

Keeping up a lush lawn can be challenging if you’ve ever tried cultivating natural grass in a harsh environment or on unforgiving terrain. To maintain the finest possible appearance for your lawn, you don’t need to apply harsh fertilizers or pesticides. Therefore, you don’t need to be concerned about subjecting your kids to chemicals. Additionally, artificial grass isn’t as slippery as genuine grass. If your children are active, you won’t have to worry as much about them slipping on it. And if they do fall, the artificial grass will serve as a nice, secure cushion.


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