Feel the Magic of Wooden Decking
Feel the Magic of Wooden Decking

Feel the Magic of Wooden Decking

Are you planning to renovate your home? Or constructing a new one? Or simply bored of your current decking?

In either of the case, you should consider Wooden Decking. Decking instantly makes a space feel warm and cozy while also being considered a high-end decking option. Your space’s decking is one of its most distinguishing features, and wooden decking in common areas can tie a space together and add a touch of luxury.

What makes Wooden Decking Unique?

You want the look of hardwood but cannot afford it.

Here is a fantastic solution in the landscaping services in Dubai: Decking.

Decking is now a common feature in many homes in Dubai.

Wood Decking is made of composite wood pressed at high temperatures together; an image of any hardwood is then positioned over the composite wood. This image is pressed into the composite wood to give a final shape.

Wood is not only less expensive to buy, but it is also easier to install. All planks have a ‘tongue and groove’ design that allows them to easily interlock, converting them into the easiest DIY products. If you are shifting homes, you can easily remove and transport the decking.

Feel the Magic with Unique Wooden Decking Pattern & Color Trends

Pattern and color trends are still thriving in 2022!

Unfortunately, many people in Dubai still associate patterns and colors with dated 1970s parquet decks. However, modern homes’ decking patterns have grown dramatically over the last decade. Let’s feel the magic with these unique patterns and color trends in 2022:

Herringbone Decks

This pattern is for you if you want something bold instead of a simple, streamlined deck. Herringbone is a popular decorative pattern in today’s homes because it connects two planks at a 90-degree angle, resulting in an intricate, angled design.

Herringbone decking has a unique appearance and can be as bold or subtle as you like. It can also give the impression of a larger space because the angle of the planks makes the layout narrower. So you can be trendy while also giving your space a major facelift!

Chevron Decks

Just because it’s quite different from herringbone doesn’t mean it won’t be popular in 2022. The chevron pattern of wooden decking has been doing its thing for the last decade, and it appears to improve with age.

You can get planks with chevron patterns on them to make the most eye-catching deck possible. Combine it with light wood, install it in your entrance and become a trendsetter.

Wide Plank Decks

This is one of the latest trends that you can expect to see each year in every style for the coming years. Longer, wider planks make your space appear larger, more open, cohesive, and less cluttered.

While shorter, thinner planks have a more traditional hardwood appearance, they will also begin to look outdated for the same reason.

Light Wood Decks

Lighter decks were thought to be inexpensive or outdated for many years. That is no longer the case by any means! Light wood decks will see a huge resurgence as more homeowners embrace their homes’ light, airy feel. In particular, blonde wood finishes can provide a light touch with a timeless feel.

Further, the decorating possibilities with light wood are limitless. Without changing your decks, you can achieve a chic, contemporary look or a rustic, homey atmosphere.

High Variation Decks

It’s now easier than ever to make your decks look more natural. All thanks to advancements in decking technology. No two wood pieces are alike in nature, and colors differ from plank to plank. The experienced landscaping services providers in Dubai can now replicate this on their decks.

As more homeowners embrace this trend, you can see bright colors mixed on some decks with their neutrals. It’s also the best way to start a conversation! The difficulty with something bold like high color variation is it’s distinct aesthetic. Sure, it’ll be popular for the next decade or so.

Get your Wooden Decking Installed with 800 LANDSCAPING!

For new decking for your space, wooden decking is an excellent choice as it looks like natural hardwood. Decking is a beautiful and long-lasting option that has grown in popularity in the coming years. If you’re wondering about installing decks in your home, you should learn more about this type of decking to make an informed decision. Reach out to one of the best landscaping companies in Dubai– 800 LANDSCAPING to get your wood decking installed as per the space.