How Landscaping Makes Your Home A Luxury Property?
How Landscaping Makes Your Home A Luxury Property

How Landscaping Makes Your Home A Luxury Property?

Have you ever thought about what makes your home luxurious? If you think it’s only the interior of the house, then it’s time to rethink. The exterior of your house also plays an important role in deciding the property value. The key to making your home a luxury property is a thoughtful landscaping design.

“Good landscaping can add up to 28% to your home’s overall value”, says landscape economist John Harris.

So, let’s focus on landscaping your home to make it a luxury property with the help of one of the best professional landscape contractors in Dubai – 800 Landscaping.

Why Landscaping Is Important?

Landscaping beautifies your home, without a doubt, and who wouldn’t love to live in a cozy, comfortable, relaxing, and luxurious home? Landscaping also helps you connect with nature. With trees and plants around your home, it cools down the temperature and makes you feel more pleasant even outside of your home. There is enough outdoor space, so why not use it to put benches, chairs, or tables, and appreciate the power of landscaping? You can connect with cost-effective landscaping service providers in Dubai if you are running low on a budget. 800 Landscaping has pocket-fitting prices to help you keep your budget constraints at bay.

Landscaping Redefines Your Home

Along with the value of your property, landscaping increases the quality of your life too. Of course, a properly designed and professionally landscaped home makes a huge difference. It looks more neat, clean, and welcoming. The elements like plants, swimming pool, water features, artificial grass, wooden cladding & fencing, and pergolas, look appealing. It creates an inviting ambiance not only for you but your visitors also. The first impression your visitors have of your home is the outdoor landscape as they come through the entrance and a driveway. For different landscaping features and designs like pathways, artificial lawns, aesthetic interlock & paving services for driveways, fences, water features, and swimming pools, you can contact the #1 landscape contractor in Dubai – 800 Landscaping.

How Landscaping Increases Property Value?

It is been proven that landscaping increases the value of a property by at least 5% to 18%. But, only if you do it in the right way with the help of the best landscape developer. If you are not fond of grass backyard and find it too hectic to maintain, you can add a hardscape in your backyard or front yard with a dining setup by consulting with a professional team of hardscaping services. Here they use hard materials like concrete or wood to pave and give a more sturdy and clean appeal. Hiring professional WPC and wooden flooring services surely increases property value.

Adding a swimming pool also helps you stay fit, and you can throw poolside parties for your friends, loved ones, and relatives. Invest in a swimming pool and it will also increase the property value. You need not worry about maintenance if you install it with the help of reliable swimming pool maintenance providers in Dubai. Along with installation, 800-Landscaping also provides swimming pool cleaning services in Dubai.


Landscape designing has plenty of benefits, so why not invest in a customized design for your home, and instantly transform it into a luxe property? Hire a professional landscape contractor in Dubai like 800 Landscaping and leave the rest to us, to make it an outdoor space that you would bask in.