How To Keep Your Swimming Pool Safe from The Sands of Dubai?
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How To Keep Your Swimming Pool Safe from The Sands of Dubai?

Got a pool in your backyard, but the sands of Dubai having you worried sick about the maintenance? A plush swimming pool can offer the chill you need during the harsh summers, but it also adds to your list of constant cleaning activities, for each day there is going be a new pile of sand ready for you to clean. And, it is not only the cleaning part but your pool is also taking a big hit, which may not be evidently visible. A few things go into ensuring your swimming pool is thoroughly maintained and kept safe from the sands of Dubai.

Read on to know how you can go about it without spending hundreds and thousands of dirhams, and you can enjoy the waters in a safe way. Here’s how you can avoid your pool gradually turning into a puddle.

Sand Filters

Dubai and sand may seem synonymous, and the one thing you want to ensure is checking your pool filter, for if your pool’s sand filter isn’t adequately maintained, or if you don’t have one at all, it could cost you considerably higher than what it would be for hiring a professional. Sand filters play a very important role in the maintenance of your swimming pool. You can also check with experts at 800 Landscaping to learn more about your pool equipment, and how to keep it from getting affected from the sand.

Keep a Check on Water Levels

If your pool does not have an automatic filling system that fills water as needed, you must ensure that the water levels are maintained. The desert can get extremely hot, and your pool may lose significant amount of water during the day, causing damage to the pump system as air fills in and creates breakages. The skimmer is a handy point of reference for keeping a record of the water level. This also helps keep a check on the sand that may slowly be filling up the pool. Ensure the water level is at half the skimmer’s height, and if you run out of water, fill the pool with water from your garden hose.

Consistent Maintenance of the Pool

Despite the severe desert circumstances, it just takes 30 minutes every week to maintain your pool in excellent shape. Drain the basket, test and chemically treat the water, inspect the filter, brush the pool’s walls and flooring to prevent algae growth, vacuum it, and backwash if necessary. The cleaning will help get rid of the sand residue in the pool and its equipment. You must understand how to regulate chemical water levels in order to keep the water safe to swim in. Chlorine dissolves far faster in hot conditions than it does in cooler climates.

Operation of the Pump

For the most of the year, an 18,000-gallon pool should run for at least 9 hours every day. Due to the extreme heat in Dubai throughout summers, you may need to run the pump for up to 10 hours every day. However, you must ensure that the pump capacity is appropriate for the size of your pool. A discrepancy in size can result in water loss since it is unable to filter the pool in a timely manner.

If you think this pool maintenance is too much trouble, our pool professionals can take care of it for you so you don’t have to fret about the water quality. Our pool care can maintain your water levels, which are tailored to Dubai’s climate. Hiring 800 Landscaping, an end-to-end landscaping company in Dubai could help you avoid a lot of hassle, and you will never have to bother about your pool becoming green or having pump problems, with our affordable rates. Our expert pool technician will ensure that your pool’s water balance is maintained, as well as the water is crystal clear and the equipment is in good working order, despite the most recurrent and biggest challenge created by the sands of Dubai.