Why is WPC Decking Better than Normal Timber Decking? 800 Landscaping - Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)
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Why is WPC Decking Better than Normal Timber Decking?

A balcony decking area can be a relaxing retreat for you and your family. Decking is typically a raised platform that sits directly on your flooring, transforming it into a completely new space.

Are you wondering about making your space subtle, appealing, and one-of-a-kind?

Giving it a new look with composite decking is a great option. You may be wondering what composite decking is. It is a plastic, wood floor, PVC, and thermoplastic material. In addition, several inorganic fillers may be used to make composite decking. The natural impact that this decking adds to the environment is its main USP, as suggested by most landscaping services providers Dubai. So, if you want to create a pleasant atmosphere in your space, WPC Decking is an excellent choice.

There is no denying that wood-plastic composite decking is a popular choice for Dubai owners due to its numerous advantages. So let us take a closer look-

Requires Low Maintenance

As WPC decking can withstand the effects of harsh natural elements, it requires little to no maintenance. In fact, it can retain its beauty for many years. On the other hand, traditional timber decks depict a different story. Decks made of wood-plastic composite do not rot, warp, discolor, twist, fade, or attract insects. Natural wood requires regular oiling and staining, which can be costly. Composite decking does not require traditional painting, staining, or sealing, and it’s resistant to weathering, warping, and UV ray damage.

Ideal for Small and Large Outdoor Areas

One can use WPC Decking in both small and large outdoor areas. You simply need to choose the right setting, and the mixed wood decking will bring wonders for you. It can be tinted to your preference to give it a new look. It is one of the best options for providing the space with a new look.


The overall finish and appearance of the WPC decking are so appealing that it draws everyone in and draws them in in a unique way. Decking can significantly improve the exterior of your space. You can also include live effects to make it more appealing. If you want to stand out from the entire crowd, this decking style is ideal for your place.

Provides More Safety

Most decking options become slippery during the rainy season, leading to an accident. On the other hand, WPC Decking has an anti-slip feature. This means that there is no chance of wetting the surface, but there is a chance of slipping. WPC decking, unlike other wood decking materials, is splinter-free and slip-resistant. These characteristics make a home safe for children and pets to walk on barefoot. In a nutshell, this is a safe option that transforms your outdoor areas into luxurious settings.

Beautiful and Durable

WPC Decking combines beauty and durability. It provides a natural finish and preserves the country’s aura. Further, it enhances the natural beauty of your home space. A unique type of crafting is used to create a magnificent decking, and you should ensure that it is challenging, cute, and worthwhile. It is long-lasting and durable because it is made of PVC and wood floor.

Wide Color and Accessory Selection

WPC decking is available in a wide range of colors and accessories. Deck lighting, handrails, gates, and post caps are available accessories. This wide range of options enables homeowners to make better decisions that will complete their outdoor living space and complement the deck’s beauty.

Aside from increasing the value of a homeowner’s lifestyle, wood plastic composites decking significantly increases the value of a home. Homes with wood-plastic composite decks have a higher resale value.

Long-term Cost

Compared to WPC plastic decking, pressure-treated decking is more expensive in the long run. Although traditional wood decking is less costly, the numerous costs associated with regular maintenance drive up the price. While homeowners will have to dig deeper into their pockets to install it, WPC decking can pay for itself in less than two years. Pressure-treated wood decking will simply warp and splinter after a short period. Regardless of how well wood decking is maintained, it will need to be replaced in less than five years.

Easy to Install

Wood-plastic composite decking is typically installed on a sub-frame, which allows it to be used to replace rotten timber without replacing the frame. Furthermore, the below-surface fixings make the installation of composite deck boards extremely quick and simple.

Professionals offering landscaping services Dubai will arrive with finished decking materials and install them quickly. It is also sufficient to clean it regularly to keep it in good condition. You do not need to spend any extra money on maintenance.

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