Switch Up Your Backyard With These Bold Tropical Landscape Ideas
Switch Up Your Backyard With These Bold Tropical Landscape Ideas

Switch Up Your Backyard With These Bold Tropical Landscape Ideas

A backyard is full of potential to host parties, and dinners with loved ones and can even be a place to wind down after a long day at work. Keeping a maintained and beautiful backyard makes the entire house look put together and in place. We at 800 Landscaping can provide you with the luxury you are seeking for your backyard. Here are just a few ideas for a tropical and elegant look for your backyard. 

A tropical landscape beautifully blends colours and textures. The lush evergreen foliage and bright florals are a visually appealing sight. 

Installation of artificial grass in a hot country like Dubai is just ideal. There is absolutely no hassle for irrigation systems and the constant worry of it drying up. Artificial grass is a simple yet elegant way to elevate your entire backyard and give it a more tropical look. Get a fresh and green look throughout the year, all while saving the costs of gardening! Bring your backyard to life with artificial grass, we at 800 Landscaping are one of the best artificial grass installation companies in Dubai.

  • Water Feature

A tropical landscape is incomplete without a water feature. Whether it is a flowing waterfall, a fountain or a water wall, the trickling water is what adds to the allure. Combine this with the soothing sight of green plants, you are sure to have a backyard you’d love to unwind in. Explore water feature services with 800 Landscaping to enhance your outdoor space.

  • Concrete And Wooding Seating  

A designated seating area in your backyard is an absolute must. Elevate your existing seating area or create a brand new one; we at 800 Landscaping can assure you of the best hardscaping services with our expertise. A special place to sit around with loved ones is just what every backyard needs! Customize a seating area with concrete or wood that goes well with a tropical landscape, and create a personalized space for your backyard for a gorgeous look.

  • Wall And Floor Tiles 

Installing beautiful tiles in your backyard gives it a neat and put-together look. Choose tiles that suit the tropical landscape, and take your backyard space to the next level! Keep your outdoors elegant and beautiful with the installation of striking pathways. With years of experience, we at 800 Landscaping are ready to help you bring your vision to life. 

  • Pergola And Wooden Works 

A pergola is a fantastic way to enhance your backyard space. It is completely Multi-functional and looks absolutely stunning in the backyard. Use it for gardening, jacuzzies, or simply for the look, they are just stunning. Beautifully decorated with lights, plants, and shrubs, a pergola is sure to give a cozy and tropical feel to your backyard. Choose among a variety of styles and designs from 800 Landscaping and customize your pergola with the help of pergola builders in Dubai.

Using any of these ideas is a great way to give your backyard a tropical and beautiful look. Creating a space to host your family and friends in your home is the perfect way to always be connected. 800 Landscaping is one of the most exceptional services in Dubai. Catering to every single need of yours and guiding you along the process, we ensure a hassle-free and smooth service. 800 Landscaping is one of the leading landscaping companies in Dubai, that can do a great job of injecting life into the backyard and making your dream home come true.