Celebrating Christmas Eve In Your Backyard With Some Great Landscaping
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Celebrating Christmas Eve In Your Backyard With Some Great Landscaping

Christmas is around the corner, and what better way to celebrate it than in your own backyard, with the crisp winter air, warm food, delicious drinks, and great company? What will make this setting perfect is the right kind of landscaping to go with your party. 800 Landscaping, a leading landscaping company in Dubai, will bring you the right look, with no effort from you other than organizing your party and managing your guests.


Be it a traditional sit-down Christmas Eve dinner party, or the more unconventional buffet, you will need a seating area decked with enough tables and chairs to accommodate your guests. Pergola and wooden works for your outdoor space are guaranteed to go with whatever décor you choose for your festivities. What is more, you can change the décor to suit your requirement at any time, with no change to the pergola needed. Throw on lacy white tablecloths with matching placemats, a centerpiece for the table, and place settings, and your formal dining table is ready. Pergolas from leading pergola developers in Dubai are the perfect way to inject a luxe touch into your Christmas outdoor party look. 

Outdoor BBQ

Want to try something different this year? How about surprising everyone with something extra this year? An outdoor BBQ counter is just what you will need to spice up the Christmas party. Add in a cool bar and BBQ counter from the best BBQ service providers in Dubai for that extra wow factor. It will not only keep the air from getting too chilly, you will also have the option of offering more to your guests. A Christmas party with a barbecue section thrown in is sure to be the talk of the town. Moreover, for a cosy little family gathering on Boxing Day, or a private pre-Christmas meet-up, all you need is to light up the barbecue and have an impromptu meal with your loved ones. 

Artificial Grass

Our artificial grass ensures you have a beautiful lawn that will require minimal maintenance from you. No need to worry about draughts or frost. So literally, rain or shine, your backyard will be lush and entertainment-ready. Children running around? The lawn is soft enough for them to fall on. Stressed after the year-end work? Walk barefoot on faux grass that feels almost natural. Tired of those heels and formal footwear, walk on the lawn for sheer comfort. Suitable for the young and old alike, where nostalgia of open gardens meets the novelty of an easy garden, the artificial lawn designed by the leading artificial grass supplier in Dubai is the way to go, whether or not you have the traditional white picket fence.

Water Feature

Install a water feature for that calming vibe. Amidst the party chaos, you may want some to indulge in the quietude of the same. A small waterfall or a water fountain, even a water wall is what will do the magic. Water feature service providers in Dubai do a great job of offering customized designs for every outdoor space. 800 Landscaping is a top water feature provider in UAE that provides quality services at affordable rates.

Pepping up your place has never been simpler. All you need to do is decide which kind of landscaping goes best with your lifestyle, and we will provide you with enough options to choose from. Bedazzle your guests with the help of reliable pergola service provider in Dubai and other top hardscaping service companies in Dubai, become the envy of your neighbors, above all else, always come back to a home that looks like a haven for you to rest and relax in, entertain as you wish, and flaunt it. 800 Landscaping, the #1 landscape contractor in Dubai is the right place for you to get your landscaping needs to be fulfilled, with professionals working for you, and the best prices available.