4 Restaurant Landscaping Ideas to Beautify Your Backyard
4 Restaurant Landscaping Ideas to Beautify Your Backyard

4 Restaurant Landscaping Ideas to Beautify Your Backyard

One of the first visual impressions your home will offer is from your landscaping. Why not make it lovely and inviting? You can update the exterior of your house in a variety of ways, including stunning stonework, water features, patio and porch modifications, and more. Or perhaps you can begin by preparing your outdoors with fire pits, tasteful backyard lighting, garden fences, and distinctive DIY planters that will impress family and neighbours.

We know how you love those restaurants with outdoor seating for their sheer comfort, extravagant vibe and a feeling of relaxation. Are you wondering how to implement the same in your home, so you get to enjoy the restaurant feeling right at your home? Below are 4 ideas inspired by restaurant landscaping to beautify your backyard.

Outdoor Patios are the Way

One of the most enjoyable landscaping features for a home is a patio. There is no shortage of designs for outdoor patios. Keeping this in mind is crucial while designing your backyard’s landscaping. Listed here are some of our favourites:

  1. With warm outdoor lighting, you are sure to love the atmosphere
  2. Vines or other plants that will create a warm appearance
  3. Add some weather-proof furniture
  4. Hang colourful shrub baskets

Introduce Water Feature

The soothing sound of flowing water is enjoyed by many, and it can calm your guests. The good news is that including a water element in your restaurant’s existing landscaping is simple. You can go for miniature waterfalls to scatter around your garden, or you can choose a bigger fountain to act as the focal point. A water wall or an extravagant koi pond designed with the help of the best water feature services in Dubai can also be added.

Artificial Plant Wall

An artificial plant wall that accentuates a restaurant outdoor space, can easily be incorporated into your home backyard for that luxe update. Using smart landscaping, give your backyard life. Faux plants are the secret to keeping a low-maintenance garden wall that adds foliage!

Al-Fresco Dining & Bar

Nothing like dining under the open blue sky (for when the weather permits)! Opulent seating options, along with an outdoor bar make the perfect setting for a restaurant vibe. You can add warm lights to inject just the right ambience for outdoor soirees and meals together. With a top bar and barbeque installation in Dubai, you can find impressive designs for your space.

Besides these features, pergolas, hardscaping and an outdoor barbeque too can be implemented in your space taking inspiration from restaurant landscape designs. When you need to amp up your outdoor space, keep in mind the practicality, trends and designs that will suit your taste, budget and space. You will want a design that requires minimal maintenance and designs that will last longer while still taking inspiration from commercial restaurant landscaping. Our team at 800 Landscaping offers expertise in the best residential landscaping company in Dubai like pool building, pavements, bar and barbeque installation, and water features services in Dubai, all with maintenance. Trust us to give you the backyard that you will love, and will be the envy of your neighbours.