Water Saving Tips for Your Residential Landscaping
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Water Saving Tips for Your Residential Landscaping

Everyone wants their dream property to be perfect! It must be without any flaws and those who visit must be in awe. That is why we take such good care of our property. We are very careful about choosing the color, texture, and design, making sure that it complements the overall structure. The carpet must add to the aesthetics of the property. The paintings and furniture are carefully placed so that the entire property comes together as a well-put puzzle. But all those things are on the interior, what about the exterior of your property?

Your guests will first notice the exterior of your property. Hence, it is important that you pay just as much attention to it. The way you keep your lawn speaks volumes about your personality. That is why a good landscaping design is necessary to keep your visitors’ heads turning. A bespoke lawn with neatly trimmed shrubs, and the pavement which makes the walk to the property seem like a fairy tale journey, will all add up to the look. While trying to achieve this, one must also care about the environment.  So here are some water-saving tips for your residential landscaping in Dubai.

Smart irrigation Controller

The usage of water on your property must be smart, efficient, and effective. In this system, a controller will control how the water will be dispersed across your landscape. Not only that, a smart controller can do more! It can decide on the amount of water to be used on a real-time basis by taking updates on the weather conditions for the day. On a dry and hot day, more water will be used. If it is raining then minimal or no water will be used.

Use of Native Plants

Making use of native plants in your landscaping design will not only save on your water needs but will also show bring nature closer to your home! These native plants have evolved to resist the climatic conditions of the land and can thrive off the natural conditions. Hence, they do not require any special care or attention. It is also important to point out that while the season’s change and you might have to be cautious and extra careful towards the other plants, those native to the land will stand tall.

Group Your Plants

Water is a limited resource, which is why its usage must be done carefully. While saving water on the landscaping design for your home, it is advised to group plants with similar water needs together. It is to be done so as to guarantee optimum utilization of water during irrigation and reduce its overflow. If some plants require more water and are placed separately from one another then there are chances of water run-off from the surface. However, if such plants are grouped and kept in a type of water-absorbent soil, then surface runoff can be avoided.

Routine Maintenance

Properly maintaining your irrigation system can help in water saving by a huge margin. It also helps in ensuring maximum efficiency from the irrigation system resulting in lesser usage of water. So, look out for any broken or damaged pipes, sprinklers, etc. Check for the placement of sprinklers ensuring that water is distributed evenly to all the plants. Also, check for any sprinklers blocked by plants. Keep an eye out for any issues with the machinery and conduct regular maintenance checks.  

Water is one of the most valuable resources. That is why its conservation is vital for our survival. Building a smart landscape design for your home that incorporates local vegetation while being aesthetically pleasing will create that perfect lasting impression on guests and neighbors. And not only that, it will convey a message about how much you care about nature.

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